change, change, change

I used to like to think I’d reached the age where I have had enough new experiences, new friends, new places to live. I had finally started to like where I was. Re-enter my childhood boyfriend who flew 10,000 miles to see me in RI, whisked me off to Asia to get engaged, adopt a kitten, get married, buy a puppy, get pregnant, and give birth to our perfect little girl. It’s now almost three years since that first date at the Patriots game, and I am on my third continent in three years. I was sure I’d be broken-hearted to leave my beachy island life in Okinawa.  After an amazingly restful 2 weeks in Southern California with my in-laws, we headed to Germany. We’ve been here almost a month. I love it. It is never easy to move to a new country and especially with the recent attacks in Europe, at times I feel vulnerable here. But change is good. Stagnation is awful. I’m here and determined to make this an amazing experience for my family and me. I’m glad you can share the ride through social media. 😘

Author: Jocelyn

Proud Air Force wifey | stay-at-home mommy | beach bum | Pisces | living the life on the beautiful island of Okinawa.

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