just breathe

 I had a glorious hour to myself today. HusBon took Addy in the stroller and walked with her and Fenway a roundabout 3 mile route to meet me at the beach.

Today was one of those magical, sunny, clear, 80 degree spring days. I drove to the little beach a mile from my house, stopping at Family Mart beforehand for an iced coffee, a cherry Chu-hi, and a water. I sat on my quilt…by myself. Alone but NOT lonely. I brought a book but didn’t bother reading it. I took pictures. I climbed up a rock. I waded way out (super low tide). I cartwheeled. I snarfled the sunshine and sea air in by the lungful. I drank my drink and sat cross-legged and motionless and breathed.   

An hour or so after they left me at home, my husband and the baby and the dog joined me at the beach. I felt calm, centered, and so damn happy to see them. 

Sometimes all I need is an hour – the opportunity to sit alone, in silence, and just breathe.


Author: Jocelyn

Proud Air Force wifey | stay-at-home mommy | beach bum | Pisces | living the life on the beautiful island of Okinawa.

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